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Dental X Ray Machine
Item Code: DFX-70(S)

Item Code: DFX-70-S

Micro processor controlled dental X-Ray unit machines from Denfort

Microprocessor controlled Dental X-Ray unit is incorporated with tooth picture and can be preset on various parameters for an adult or child. Dental X-Ray unit has acoustic indication and a display unit for exposure time. The digital display and line voltage compensation in our dental x-ray gives superior quality picture also helps in providing safety to the tube. This X-Ray unit adheres to the various international norms of radiation safety and is compatible with RVG system.

Features of Dental X-Ray Unit DFX-70(S) :

  • Soft Feather- Touch Screen
  • Patient Size Selectors
  • Power Switch Exposure Time Selectors
  • Operatable Both in Auto & Manual Mode
  • In built Voltage Regulator System
  • With Remote Control
  • Control System Developed & Manufactured in co-operation with BMT-Chirana

The dental x-ray unit can be operated both in auto and manual mode with soft feather touch switches. It is available in following models :

  • Floor Mounted Mobile Model
  • Wall Mounted Model
  • Stationary Floor Mounted Model
  • In all the models, the X-ray emitter is connected to scissor arms/ panto graphic arm and is movable both in vertical and horizontal direction
  • The tube head an be rotated about its axis by 360 degree in horizontal & 270 degree in vertical plane

Technical Specifications :

Mains 220 V ±10, 50 Hz
Output 70 KV, 8mA
FSD 200mm
Total Filtration 2.0mm Al.
Focal Spot <1mm
Radiation Leakage <1mm/Hr
Exposure Switch Dead Man Type
Time Range 0.10 - 5.0 secs.